Pergolas are a great way to spruce up your back yard

Ever wanted that award winning back yard that all your friends and family want to come over or a spot where you can relax and enjoy a bbq on a beautiful summer day? Well it all starts with a new deck from Island Pro Homes Victoria BC. We specialize in wood decks, fences, pergola's and other carpentry projects that you can dream up. Not everyone is comfortable with carpentry and that's why we specialize in this line of work. All you have to do now is let us come over and discuss your dreams for a new back yard.

Entertain your family and friends with a beautiful pergola
Beautiful decks are a simple way to dramaticly increase your home value

Looking for some ideas on what to build in your backyard? We always advise our customers to check out some of the great home improvement websites on the web. If your not the creative type you can find a design you love and we can customize it to fit your yard.  Sometimes other ideas and picture might open a creative side you never thought you had. If you having troubles with you carpentry projects and design you can always get in touch with us and we would be happy to discuss ideas and come up with something that you will love and cherish for years to come.  Check out the links below of some of our favourite home improvement websites.

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