A contemporary bathroom design

When you ask people to describe their perfect bathroom, about 90% of people use the words “spa like.” What does that mean exactly? From our experience it means soothing colors, clean lines and modern materials. You may thinking "that's going to cost a fortune" but keep in mind that most bathrooms are small and generally require less material. Our renovation specialist will be able to work with you in choosing the right bathroom design from every detail including colors, products and look. Not only will it be a place to clean up but a place to unwind and relax after a tough day.

Walk in bathtubs make bathing easy for people with mobility issues

Walk in bathtubs are becoming common and for those who still have the ability to walk into a bathtub, they are wonderful. Not only is the tub about getting clean but it also relaxes the mind, soothes the muscles and offers relief.  For those whose mobility is poor, bathing makes the body feel lighter and allows it to move more freely.

Modern bathrooms can dramaticly increase the value of your home

Creating a bathroom design that you will love for decades can be a daunting task. Picking the right colours, choosing the right vanity and bathtub for the room are just some of the challenges you will face. Researching on-line is a good first step in moving forward with a bathroom renovation. To help get you started Island Pro Homes has scoured the web for tips and tricks to make your bathroom renovation a breeze. Have a look at some of the links below and see for your self. 

Top 10 Bathroom Renovation Tips
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Bathroom Design Pictures/Ideas